The GNCHR contributes in ENNHRI's Annual Report on the state of rule of law in the EU

The Greek National Commission for Human Rights (GNCHR), the National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) of Greece, has contributed to ENNHRI’s annual report on the Rule of Law situation in EU Member States, based on the reporting of National Human Rights Institutions. The Report was submitted to the European Commission on 22 March 2021. This Report highlights the developments - positive and negative - in 2020 regarding the rule of law and democracy in the EU, as well as the actions of the NHRIs in strengthening EU policies to promote the protection of human rights and the rule of law in the EU.

More specifically, according to the ENNHRI Report for 2021, the negative trends identified in 2019 further deteriorated during the reference year (2020). This is due, among other factors, to the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the related restrictive measures taken to address it. The findings of the Report confirm the need, on the one hand, to safeguard and strengthen stable institutional counterweights, including the support of fully independent and enhanced monitoring action at national level.

Human rights and the rule of law are interconnected and mutually reinforcing, and the NHRIs, as independent institutions with a broad mandate to promote and protect human rights, are key players in promoting the rule of law at the national level. The growing involvement of both ENNHRI and the NHRIs in EU rule of law monitoring mechanisms aims to contribute to the promotion and protection of the rule of law and human rights in all EU Member States.

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