EStAR: Enhancing hate crime victim support

EStAR Poster (women talking to a police officer)

 Project description

Hate crime victim support is an essential and often overlooked component of a comprehensive hate crime response. ODIHR’s project on Enhancing Stakeholder Awareness and Resources for Hate Crime Victim Support (EStAR) will equip state and non-state actors with the necessary tools and resources to ensure that hate crime victims are protected, enjoy full access to justice and receive tailored specialist support. The project will also create a network of experts, developing a framework for sharing international standards and good practices while ensuring that the resources reach those who need them. The two-year project is being implemented by ODIHR - across 41 OSCE participating states - in partnership with the Association of Counseling Centers for Victims of Right-wing, Racist and Anti-Semitic Violence in Germany (VBRG). Funding for the project is provided by the EU Commission and the Federal Government of Germany. 


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