GNCHR at the 80th biennial conference of the International Law Association in Lisbon

Photo from the ILA Conference (participating in the panel E.Tzavala and M.Gavouneli from the GNCHR)

The Greek National Commission for Human Rights (GNCHR) participates in the 80th biennial conference of the International Law Association (Lisbon, 19-24 June), which brings together academics, judges and practitioners from Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania. The role of the National Institutions of Human Rights in promoting international law has been recognized by the UN, the Council of Europe and the European Union. NHRIs independently and through their regional network, the European Network of NHRIs (ENNHRI) raise their voice at international and regional level on issues of concern such as human flows and migration. Eva Tzavala, GNCHR Legal Officer and Chair of the ENNHRI Working Group on Asylum and Migration participated as a speaker in the panel on "Migration - Human Flows: Towards a New Normal?" which was cοοrdinated by Professor Maria Gavouneli, GNCHR President. She presented the findings of NHRIs monitoring and reporting at EU borders based on the ENNHRI Regional Report on the human rights of migrants at borders. #eeda #ENNHRI #ILA #ila2022 #migration

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