Decide Equally - Vote Equally (GNCHR TV spot)


The Greek National Commission for Human Rights (GNCHR) is launching its campaign for equal representation of women in political life, with the release of a TV spot, to remind everyone that we should vote equally for competent female and male candidates, free of gender stereotypes and prejudices. Greece is one of the few countries in the world where full equality under the law has been achieved, a fact that is neither self-evident nor negligible, however, the indicators of real equality are still disappointing: Only 1 in 5 members of the Greek Parliament and 1 in 6 members of Government are women. Only 1 in 13 districts and 1 in 18 municipalities have a woman in charge. The European Institute for Gender Equality has consistently ranked Greece at the bottom of European Union positions in terms of equality issues in recent years, with a particularly low score (28,1/100) in the field of women’s participation in positions of power. This is despite the fact that the law on the implementation of a quota to ensure equal participation of women in the electoral process has been in force for years.

The GNCHR, the independent advisory body to the Greek State for the protection of human rights, stresses the need for female and male candidates in the next elections to be judged equally and voted equally, based on their competence and merit and not on outdated prejudices about their gender. In this election we decide equally and we vote equally!



Concept: Frank & Fame

Head of Creative : Panos Mouzakitis

Associate Creative Director: Ismini Kakoura

Art Director : Vassiliki Christopoulou

Account Director: Romina Nanou

Account Supervisor : Catherine Christodoulopoulou


Stefi Production

Exec.Creative PRODUCER: Maria Stefanidi a.k.a.

speed Producer: Nina Chrissafis

Director : Stella Serefoglou

Cinematographer: Thomas Varvias

Prod. Set DESIGNER: Giorgos Georgiou

Prod. Manager/team : Petros Aggelopoulos, Nikos Kiraleos

Electricians/Team: Nikos Karagiorgos, Michalis Athanasiadis

Camera Team: Giorgos Metaxas

GRIP: Dimitris Diatsidis

B’ Camera Operator: Stratos Kourlis

Casting: Eye2eye / Maria Ergul

AD: Georgia Katsiri

SFX / Make-up: Alexandros Loggos

Make Up Ast: Hara Vasileiadi

Costume Designer: Eva Georgiou

Wardrobe Ast: Ina Sideri

Hair Styling: Konstantinos Savvakis

Sound Design/Music: Rabbeats

Post Production: Angela Damaskou/ Thelxi Zygouri (Stefi)

EDITOR: Dimitris Litsas

Colour Grading: Anmar

Actress: Eleni Vlachou

Voice Over: Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos (Doublage)

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