Participation of GNCHR in an event of the "Counter Hate" program on hate crimes and discrimination, 29.6.2023

Φωτογραφία από την εκδήλωση του προγράμματος Counter Hate

Participation of GNCHR in an event of the "Counter Hate" program on hate crimes and discrimination.   GNCHR participated in an event aimed at strengthening the cooperation of the involved bodies in the prevention and treatment of hate crimes and prejudices, as well as the active promotion of equality and inclusion on Wednesday, June 21 2023. The event entitled "Hate crimes and discrimination : Debate on the institutional framework, challenges and good practices' was held in the context of the EU co-funded program 'COUNTER HATE' and took place in the Library of Equality and Gender Issues of the General Secretariat of Family Policy and Gender Equality. GNCHR was represented at the event by legal officer Katerina Charokopou.

In her introduction/proposition, the GNCHR‘s representative presented the results of the National Commission's research on the identification and analysis of the prevailing current racist and xenophobic trends in Greece as found in the online environment, which have been analyzed in the context of the STAND UP program, where GNCHR participates. At the same time, she presented evidence from the Racist Violence Reporting Network (RVRN) included in 2022 Annual Report of the RVRN which was recently released.

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