Stathis Gkotsis is a Historian at the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports. His main area of expertise is museum education. He has designed and implemented a variety of museum interpretive/educational activities for socially vulnerable groups (disabled people, minority groups, people with mental health problems, the elderly, prisoners, refugees).
Among other things, he was the scientific coordinator of the programme "Culture as a means of social integration - An intercultural approach" (CEP - Hellenic Ministry of Culture, 1994-98), member of the scientific team of the Byzantine Museum in the European project "Access to Cultural Heritage: Policies of Presentation and Use - ACCU"(2004-07), scientific coordinator of the action "Gypsies at the Byzantine Museum" (transnational collaboration project Roma Routes, 2010-12) and the action "At the Museum with the Roma" (2013-14 ).
He has edited the collective volume Roma - Historical Routes and Modern Perspectives, Ministry of Culture and Sports - Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens 2014 (ISBN: 978-960-386-133-1) [In Greek].

He is collaborating with the Interuniversity Postgraduate Programme (IPP) in Museology-Cultural Management (AUTh - University of Western Macedonia)
Macedonia), writes articles and gives lectures on museum education in conferences, scientific workshops and training programmes of the Training Institute of the National Centre of Public Administration and Local Government (INEP/EKDDA) and other educational institutions.

He is the General Secretary of the Board of the Union of the Ministry of Culture Employees, a member of the Board of the Association of Greek Archaeologists and a member of the Executive Committee of POE YPPO (the Greek Federation of the Ministry of Culture Employees). He has been a member of the Executive Committee of ADEDY (the Greek Civil Service Confederation).

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