Logo of Mechanism of Recording of Informal Forced Returns

The Recording Mechanism of Informal Forced Returns constitutes a synergy between the Greek National Commission for Human Rights (GNCHR) and civil society organizations active in the field, offering legal, medical, psychosocial, or other services to third country nationals. The organisations that are Members of the Recording Mechanism have legal personality and are legally represented in Greece.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representation in Greece within the framework of its mandate, contributes its expertise and technical support to the Recording Mechanism, as a co-operating Agency.

The Recording Mechanism aims to monitor, record and report informal forced return incidents of third country nationals from Greece to other countries. It seeks to promote and consolidate respect of the principle of non-refoulement as well as to safeguard guarantees and compliance with legal procedures. Moreover, the aim of the Recording Mechanism is to boost accountability for reported human rights violations alleged to have occurred during informal forced returns of third country nationals from Greece to other countries.

Through the adoption of a standardized, transparent, and scientific recording methodology, the Recording Mechanism attempts to contribute to increasing the credibility of reported incidents.

The Recording Mechanism operates under common rules applicable by all its members and sets out common goals and objectives reflected in its Founding Act. All members of the Recording Mechanism have adopted its Founding Act, which stipulates their rights and obligations. Each member’s recording officers, whether social, legal, or other scientists, professionals, or volunteers, are designated by the Member and then trained by the Supervisor of the Recording Mechanism.

The Recording Mechanism is coordinated in technical and operational level by its Supervisor. Since January 2022, Mr Ilias Tsampardoukas serves as the Supervisor of the Recording Mechanism.

The organisations that are members of the Recording Mechanism are the following:


Greek Council for Refugees  Hellenic League for Human Rights
Equal Rights International Rescue Committee 


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